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I warmly welcome you to my yoga classes


Here you will find varied yoga exercises (asanas) that will help you achieve a more flexible, balanced, and healthier body.

The word "yoga" first appeared in the Indian text Rigveda around 3000 BC. Yoga was then practiced as a meditative exercise. As we know yoga today, it only emerged about 100 years ago.

T. Krishnamacharya, born in 1888, was an Indian yoga teacher, Ayurveda healer, and scholar who created the basis for our modern yoga styles. Thanks to him, a millennia-old tradition did not die out and we can now enjoy and pass on this practice. I am delighted to be a part of this tradition and to take you with me into this informative and wonderful world. But why should you take yoga classes?

Yoga is much more than just a hobby or a sport. Yoga is about discovering who you are or who you would like to be, regardless of the education you have received or the relationships you have had or currently have in your life. No matter what positive or negative experiences you have had and how they have shaped your body and mind up until now...

Have you ever wondered what the best version of yourself would look like?

Yoga is a method, a science, that helps you discover exactly that.

And the beautiful thing is that your physical, mental, and spiritual health will also improve, and with regular yoga practice, you will automatically develop a better body awareness. 
Everyone is welcome, whether you are a new to yoga or advanced. All ages are welcome, and anyone can practice yoga.



The term Hatha comes from Sanskrit and means "ha": sun and power and "tha": moon and stillness.

This style of yoga works with both forces. A Hatha class includes: body, breath, and meditation.

It is a combination of meditation, asanas (movement), which are held for longer periods of time, and pranayama (breath), which actively works in the body. This is intended to help increase awareness of your own body, improve flexibility and patience.

Hatha Yoga is suitable for beginners and advanced practitioners at any level and age, as long as you actively engage in it. When you consciously observe your body and mind, yoga exercises can help release blockages, improve blood circulation, and reduce stress permanently.



This wonderful style of yoga builds a bridge between eastern spirituality and western lifestyle, which is why Vinyasa is one of the most popular styles in the western world. The asanas (body positions) are practiced in a dynamic sequence.

The key is the combination of different asanas achieved through a flow of movement, conscious breathing that accompanies the movement, and reaching the final position where one finds their drishti (point of focus) and works with the breath. The focus is primarily on the process that leads one to the graceful and wonderful position. Vinyasa is also known as moving meditation.

Some benefits of Vinyasa are:

  • Strengthening of perception

  • Powerful connection between body, mind, and soul

  • Finding stillness in the body

  • Prevention of injuries and tension

  • Improvement of flexibility and support muscles

  • Improvement of overall well-being

  • Relief of back pain and migraines

Yin Yoga

For me, yin yoga is a practice that invites us to unwind and connect with the higher intelligence of our body. Beyond the physical postures, yin yoga encourages us to explore the subtle layers of our being. By holding each pose for a longer period of time and gradually unfolding into the next step of the movement, we can tap into a deeper awareness of our body's sensations, emotions, and energies.

Through this mindful connection, we create a ripple effect of movement, where one sensation or movement triggers another, leading us on a journey of self-discovery. Yin yoga invites us to venture beyond our comfort zone and listen to the parts of our body that may have been neglected or ignored. By bringing our attention and intention to these areas, we can release tension, promote healing, and ultimately unlock our true potential.

For me, yin yoga is a powerful tool for self-exploration, healing, and growth. It allows me to dive deeper into my body and mind, to connect with my inner wisdom, and to find peace and balance amidst the challenges of daily life.


Surf Yoga

Surfing, kitesurfing, or windsurfing is a demanding activity for both the body and mind. The greatest challenge is to push your body a little further every day. Yoga can help with that. Join me at the beach and learn how to combine Aloha and Om. Here are some reasons why yoga can make you a better surfer and why it is so important for water sports:


  • Increases flexibility and range of motion

  • Builds core strength

  • Improves posture

  • Improves body awareness and coordination

  • Provides the body and mind with energy

  • Enhances balance

  • Reduces the risk of injury

  • Shortens recovery times

  • Relieves pain

  • Relaxes muscles in the body, leading to more efficient movement

Those who know me know that I can't live without the beach. The fascination of the sea, the beautiful sound of waves, and the gentle sea breeze that smells like sun and salt. I too have fallen in love with the world of surfing. 

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