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20. August - 27. August 2024
31. August - 07. September 2024

Nateea Yoga and Eureka Tours Namibia presents:
Your Namibia Yoga Adventure

Let´s make your life worth living and turn your dreams into reality. Say yes to nurturing yourself, say yes to adventure and yes to the amazing life you deserve.

Leave your past behind, live in the here and now and find healing energies in Namibia's nature.

Join us in this journey of a life time! We are going to undertake a grand yoga journey, with unique views, a wildlife adventure, being closer to nature than ever before. 

The connection between Sunshine, Wind, Water, Earth, Space and Yoga. The namib is a treasure for the literal sense of the word, for its richest source of diamonds on the planet, but for us, its great glory lies in the stark beauty of its dunes.

Leave the past behind, live in the here and now and find the healing energies in the nature of Namibia. Join us on a once-in-a-lifetime adventure with this unique yoga adventure, where you'll experience the magic of the African continent in a way like never before. This retreat combines the best of two worlds - the tradition of yoga and the magical landscape and animal kingdom of Namibia.


Meet your travel guide: Mao  

Our friendly guide from Eureka Tours Namibia!


Mao lives in Windhoek, the capital of Namibia. He has more than 15 years of professional experience as a guide. He is passionate about wildlife, photography and enjoys the privilege of having, he quotes: "the best work in the world" :) 

He likes to show his customers the hidden treasures and local experiences along the routes traveled. He will amuse you with fascinating tales, historical facts and his great sense of humor, his very rich history and culture. Being passionate about geology he is able to explain to you the history of soil formation.

Close to nature and wildlife he will captivate you by telling you about the life of different animal species that can be admired in Southern Africa, whether on a safari in Etosha Park or by walking through the Namib Desert in the middle of the dunes of the oldest desert in the world. Mao also loves the connection to humans and will gladly introduce you to the indigenous people of Namibia ( Himba, Bushmen, Herero,...) He spends his free time between family life, his profession as a guide, basketball training and fishing. 

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