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Private and small group classes

"With Yoga you experience a shift not only in your body but in the essence of who you are"

Your personal Yoga journey

Step into the transformative embrace of Nateea Yoga, where I, Nateea, am your dedicated guide on a personal journey through yoga. In the hustle of life, finding time for self-care, especially for busy professionals like you, can be challenging. That's why, at Nateea Yoga, I bring the practice to your doorstep, offering personalized, private yoga sessions in the comfort of your home in the Costa Blanca/Marina Alta Area in Spain.


Whether you're a CEO, athlete, surfer, doctor, lawyer, producer, writer, musician, psychotherapist, any other professional, or a retired professional, Nateea Yoga provides a unique space for you to restore physically and spiritually through a personalized yoga practice.


What to expect? 

My specialized focus is based on traditional yoga. It is very important to me not to see yoga as an exercise. Yes, Yoga provides exercise to the body as well, and you will definitely notice changes on your body, but there is much more depth to it. But what do I mean, when I say traditional yoga? With my classes you will experience the way yoga was and is taught since over 5000 years. It is a profound journey on teaching who you truly are and who your best self can be. Not only your body will transform, but also your true self. It will provide you with depth about the unconscious matters of your life. In my class you will learn more on how to use your breath within the asana. I will teach you traditional Hatha and Ashtanga Yoga, I will guide you through a bridge between the modern and ancient world with Vinyasa Yoga. You will find a chance to unwind and rehabilitate your connective tissues with a gently stretch during Yin Yoga.

"Yoga is the journey of the self, through the self, to the self" - The Bhagavad Gita

Based on my traditional knowledge I also specialize in helping professional athletes and retired individuals not only to achieve better flexibility, speed, agility, endurance, coordination and concentration, I also created specific programs to help with injury prevention, rehabilitation, high blood pressure, athritis, diabetes etc. 

My clients include NBA basketball players from the Denver Nuggets, professional footballers, soccer players, rugby players and surfers.


Founded in 2021, Nateea Yoga was born out of the understanding that professionals needed an authentic approach to their yoga journey. I focus in private sessions for individuals and small groups, ensuring a focus on unique needs and goals. I prioritize your safety, offering a secure space that goes beyond the confines of a traditional studio setting.

Join me in the harmonious blend of ancient yoga wisdom and your individual needs . Let Nateea Yoga be your companion on the path to grounding, focus, and clarity, ensuring you return to your roles – in your profession, family, and personal life – rejuvenated and ready to face the demands of your journey right here in Javea.

And the best part is, Nateea Yoga will provide all the necessary equipment like blocks, yoga mats, straps, meditation cushions etc.

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