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FAQ and Island Infos

Most frequently asked questions

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  1. What are local islands in the Maldives? ​

  2. Local islands in the Maldives are inhabited islands where the indigenous population lives. These islands offer visitors an opportunity to experience authentic Maldivian culture and way of life.

  3. How do I get to the local islands?

    • You can reach the local islands by taking a domestic flight, speedboat, or public ferry from the capital city of Malé. Some local islands have their own airports, while others rely on nearby airports.

  4. Are there accommodation options on local islands?

    • Yes, many local islands have guesthouses and small hotels that offer comfortable and affordable accommodation for visitors.

  5. What is the dress code on local islands?

    • The local islands are home to a predominantly Muslim population, so visitors should dress modestly in public areas. Swimsuits are acceptable on designated bikini beaches, but cover-up clothing is recommended in other areas.

  6. What activities are available on local islands?

    • Local islands offer a variety of activities such as snorkeling, diving, fishing, island hopping, cultural tours, and watersports like kayaking and paddleboarding.

  7. Is alcohol available on local islands?

    • Alcohol consumption is generally not permitted on local islands due to religious reasons. However, some guesthouses and hotels may offer excursions to nearby resort islands where alcohol is available.

  8. What kind of food can I expect on local islands?

    • The local cuisine in the Maldives is based on seafood, coconut, and spices. You can enjoy dishes such as mas huni (tuna salad), garudhiya (fish soup), and various curries and rice dishes.

  9. Is Wi-Fi available on local islands?

    • Most guesthouses and hotels on local islands offer Wi-Fi to their guests. However, the quality and speed of the connection may vary depending on the island.

  10. What is the local currency in the Maldives?

    • The local currency in the Maldives is the Maldivian rufiyaa (MVR), but US dollars are widely accepted in most places.

  11. Can I take photos on local islands?

    • Yes, you can take photos on local islands, but always be respectful of the local culture and people. Avoid taking photos of people without their permission, especially in religious or culturally sensitive areas.

  12. Are there any cultural or religious sites on local islands?

    • Many local islands have mosques and other cultural sites that are an integral part of the community. Visitors are welcome to explore these sites, but be mindful of dress codes and customs.

  13. What is the best time to visit local islands in the Maldives?

    • The best time to visit the local islands in the Maldives is during the dry season, which runs from November to April. The weather is generally sunny and warm, making it ideal for outdoor activities.

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